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What'll it be, hon?


Welcome to e-Diner Design & Marketing!

At e-Diner Design, "Your Friendly & Reliable Advertising Agency," we cook up and serve first-rate online, mobile and print advertising treats with a smile.

We’re sure you’ll find the quality and variety of our menu of services appetizing — featuring marketing, design and branding for print and online. Our clients are just as diverse as our offerings! We're equally excited about a small project for the little guy around the corner as we are about creating complete campaigns for well-known global firms.

Our folks are seasoned communications professionals with many years of experience in a wide assortment of areas. They love what they do and they love to share. You’ll find that chatting with them will be a pleasant experience.

So, come on over, settle back with a cup of coffee, maybe a slice of apple pie, and let’s talk about your needs. Everyone has a favorite diner and we want to be yours. We’re serving up things fast and friendly — so, what’ll it be?

Let's Have a Cup of Coffee!
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