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Just about everybody now. Why is that important? Smartphone users love their phones and are looking for ways to use them. Help them out, will ya?


Here's a partial list:

  • 88 RUE DU RHONE places QR codes in consumer and trade publications to track interactions.
  • Bayer HealthCare uses a variety of hosted QR codes to direct consumers to offers and to instruct them on their diabetes products.
  • L'Oreal placed QR codes in NY taxis so consumers could view
    "how to" videos.
  • Ralph Lauren places QR codes in print ads, store signage, catalogs and mailers with access to style guides, exclusive sales and videos.
  • Toyota, Nissan & Volkswagen brochures have QR codes linking to detailed information & videos.
  • Pepsi bottles with QR Codes took customers to a custom landing page with unique, fun content. It went viral!
  • Fans scanning Dick’s Sporting Goods JumboTron QR code, connected to a website offering discounts on purchases.
  • CSI recently used QR codes as a plot twist in a TV episode.
  • Hardee's QR codes offered a free fries with purchase of a burger coupon.
  • Google is using QR codes to highlight “Favorite Places” in search results.
  • Calvin Klein displayed a large QR code on a building launching yet another racy campaign.
  • Real estate agents put QR codes on “house for sale” signs with links to additional info and virtual tours.
  • McDonald’s uses QR codes on packaging showing nutritional information.
  • 20th Century Fox codes connect movie posters to trailers and theatre locations.
  • Best Buy has its own QR code app that provides product information.
  • Starbucks uses QR codes to distribute coupons and for store locations.
  • e-Diner Design & Marketing uses QR codes to extend their customers' brand and help them make the best use of their marketing dollars.

They call them QR Codes.
We call them e-Links.

You may have seen these funny-looking squares and wondered - what the heck?

1The "heck" is a new, effective way to make your printed material interactive. Our e-Links are Quick Response (QR) codes — two-dimensional bar codes that can be scanned with a smartphone using any free QR code scanning app.

When a smartphone scans a QR code e-Link on a brochure, ad, business card, store display, etc., it automatically links the consumer to your websites, to videos, to your phone number — to just about any type of interactive experience you want that consumer to have.

Yes, you heard straight... our e-Links make printed material "linkable" — finally connecting paper to a rich, interactive user experience.

What can e-Links do?
1Only your imagination and your business objectives will limit how you can use your own e-Link code. Companies have placed them in magazine ads, catalogs, food packaging, posters, business cards, e-mails, websites, t-shirts and even on the sides of buildings!

Put e-Links anywhere your customers will see them and scan them with their smartphones!

Let's look at a few options of what can be encoded into that funny e-Link square:

  • A website or a variable, unique landing page
  • An informational or instructional video
  • Contest details and entry
  • Dial a phone number automatically
  • Download contact information automatically (vCard)
  • Register for an event
  • Get a coupon
  • Receive a text message
  • Listen to music soundtracks
  • View a menu and make reservations
  • Take a listed property's virtual tour and get property details
  • Access loyalty program special offers not accessible from any other source
  • See movie times and theatre locations
  • Scan a store sign to purchase products,
    obtain product information and reviews

What makes e-Links so valuable?
When you place an ad in a magazine, you don't really know if you're reaching your potential consumer. With printed materials, the interaction often ends with viewing.

Beyond the pizzazz of a cool tech tool, hosted QR code e-Links are hard working marketing tools that help you quantify the results of any campaign. The campaign microsite or landing page records and tracks how consumers are engaging with your offer.

Want to change the offer? No need to reprint your material if it has a hosted QR code. We'll change your landing page content and you'll continue to engage that consumer in a new ways!

Heard enough? Contact us and let's talk about how e-Links can help your business!


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